Dwight Lewis Lumber Company began in 1941 when Gleason Lewis built the first sawmill on the family farm. The business quickly expanded to purchasing timber from neighbors and building a reputation for producing high quality lumber for local businesses.

Following a fire in 1947, which completely destroyed the original mill, Gleason and his son Dwight rebuilt the plant and continued expanding. At the time Dwight was still in the US Navy following his service aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Franklin and subsequent flight training. He decided that he should leave the Navy and return home to help rebuild the mill. They rebuilt the burned-down steam-powered plant using a GM Diesel 6-71 Series World War II tank engine to power the head saw with an alternator directly connected to the front, to generate electricity for other machines. The business also began to acquire timberland to be managed for the future. During these early years, business relationships were developed with companies that are to this day some of DLLC’s best customers.

Later, when 3 phase electricity became available, the mill was updated with all electric, a Line Bar Resaw, Automatic Carriage, Air Feed Works, and a Slot Sorter System. By 1966 the mill was completely automated and in 1975 the old wooden structure was torn down to make room for a modern fire-retardant building. With the new building came more modern equipment to insure the production of a high-quality product.

In 1984 Reese Lumber Company in Williamsport was purchased with the future plans of installing Dry kilns in mind and developing a market to move kiln dried lumber. Two Nyle dehumidification kilns were built in Hillsgrove in 1985 and in 1992 two modern American Wood Driers steam kilns were built, along with a sawdust fired boiler to produce the necessary steam. A fire in February 1993 completely destroyed the two original Nyle kilns along with all of the kiln controls. A storage shed was built where the burned down kilns had been located.

In 1995 a completely new debarker was installed along with a metal detector for the debarked logs to pass through. A second band resaw line was up and running in February of 1998. This additional resaw eliminates most boards from being sawed on the head saw, thus getting more recovery and better grade from each log. In the summer of 1999 a new saw husk, track, and lineal position carriage were installed, along with a basement underneath to help keep the area clean. In the fall of 2000, a third dry kiln was up and running. In July of 2001, a band head saw was installed, getting more recovery from boards sawn on the head saw as well as a better recovery and easier handling of larger logs. In August of 2001, a scanning, optimizing edger was installed to assist in getting a better yield from edged boards by being more accurate and allowing the edger operator to make better decisions on each board. In July of 2003 a new drop saw trimmer with a computerized tallying system was installed, eliminating the safety hazard of the old exposed saw trimmer. In September of 2005 a log scanning system was installed to further assist in getting better yield.

Throughout this period the former Reese Lumber Company continued to grow and change. Keith Atherholt came on in November of 1991 to manage the distribution operation. In 1995, a separate corporation was formed, Lewis Lumber Products, as a distribution yard and secondary processing plant. The former H&E plant was purchased in Picture Rocks in late 1996 and, after operating out of two yards for a year, the entire operation was moved to Picture Rocks in early 1998. Lewis Lumber Products now produces flooring, moldings, paneling, as well as rough and planed lumber to distribute throughout Pennsylvania and bordering states and to sell from its outlet store in Picture Rocks.

Dwight Lewis Lumber Company has always strived to produce the highest of quality product while maintaining a respect for our valuable natural timber resource, the environment, and a concern for future generations.  In keeping with that philosophy, in 1998, DLLC become a Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody certified company and in 2005 the company forestlands were certified through the FSC as well.